Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Girl has done gone healthy...

This girl has gone healthy as of right now today.  Just... no more. 

The change I feel when I'm eating right is so much better.  WHY OH WHY OH WHY do I go back to the junk, the crap, the laziness, the gluttonness?  I know better... I say I want better... So... here it is... I"M GOING TO LIVE BETTER.  Each choice, each day, each bite, each step...  I will do it.

Oh, and my boyfriend is going to go healthy with me...  that's motivation... Besides, he'll be a great accountability partner and I need that.

So far today I've eaten exactly to my plan, and I did 20 minutes on the elliptical this morning, and just finished 25 minutes of walking followed by 5 minutes of jumping jacks and jump rope...  Tonight I plan to do a cardio video of some sort... hopefully an hour. 

This healthy girl is feeling fine! 

ps, I'll post more about weights and stuff later... just really getting this thing set up... it helps with accountability also!  YAY!  I'm excited!